Enjoy The Flight


The new album from Hercules Mandarin. Recorded in Glasgow in 2013/14


Enjoy The Flight is the band’s third album. The process was vastly different from how the previous 2 have been done, in that it’s the first album where the music has been written by all the members of the band and also…the band is now a power trio. The sonic landscape (does anyone actually say that?) is brand new – minimal strings, which had been an obvious HM feature in the past and it’s much more of a rock record.

Steven really stepped up to the plate with singing lead vocals on the songs that he wrote and provided a different angle on a lot of how we make music.

Chris R’s songwriting continues to evolve and the trio setting has provided him with new ground to write for and also change how he has to orchestrate parts that would perhaps have been on violin or alternative guitar.

Chris W joined the band and hope to bring different textures and feels to the band – coming from a jazz education having just graduated from the RCS‘ Jazz course. He brought in his first couple of songs for the band who immediately made them sound much bigger and better.

The record was recorded, mixed and co-produced by Barry Reid (The Treacherous Orchestra) in La Chunky Studios in Glasgow. Barry was almost like the 4th member of the band and his input was vital in terms of the sound and shaping some of the song forms.

Mastering took place with Paul Winton at North Road Studios, Bellshill. Paul is a highly regarded live engineer throughout Scotland – currently working with the La Fontaines. Please do check both of these guys out if you’re making music.

Finally, our artwork was conceived, designed and completed by the amazing Mark Weallans. Mark’s art has featured on the lead singles for the album and hopefully it’s a long lasting collaboration!


The record will be available digitally on 21/12/15 and a spring tour is planned.