Chris’ teaching hub is Drummers Only – a purpose built drum teaching facility in the centre of Glasgow.

Here Chris teaches a varied roster of students from all ages and all abilities. Click one of the links below to book a lesson.

Below are a sample of some simple lessons he has filmed for the site’s YouTube Channel and some PDF lessons.





The lessons below takes the Table of Time or Rhythmic Table and phrases it with Paradiddles, hence the accent every four notes. I’m working through this at around 70-80 bpm and suggest you do to.


The idea here is to gain comfort with rhythm through different subdivisions and groupings at the same time. It also serves improvisation – the ability to really develop an idea or rhythmic structure. Once it’s under the hands in each subdivision, try running them together sequentially, and then in a context – as a fill in. This should take some time so please be patient.


Paradiddle RT




3 Note Grouping.


The lesson below is based off a RLL phrase and part of a book I’m working on. The RLL sticking was phrased as a fill through 16th notes. I then phrased it in the Hi Hat (opening and closing every 3rd 16th note) as written below. The kick and snare pattern are very basic.

Below that is the same groove, with a more advanced kick pattern underneath – as played by the wonderful Danny Carey on TOOL’s track ‘Eulogy’.

3 note idea