Hello friends,


Sorry it’s been so long since posting – been busy here in drum land over the past few months so I’ll give the abridged highlights. One of the biggest things that I’ve been part of was the inaugural Glasgow Drum Show that Rhythm Base put on. We ran the event in June and it consisted of a 1 day event, in the Glasgow Royal Concert hall. We had 3 main artists performing that day who were Kaz Rodriguez, Scott Pellegrom, Mark Mondesir and Chris Coleman. The day was a resounding success with all the artist performing incredibly well, as you’d expect. Kaz played a host of original music for his set, including a track penned especially for the show. Scott, who is know fro getting really unique sounds from a standard drum set, started of with drumming with his mouth and head and then played a blistering solo, and fielded some question to great applause.

Mark Mondesir played a great set, bringing with him his brother, bassist, Mike and they played wonderful duo music in the fusion vein. He also fielded some question and answered most intellectually. Chris was the last one up to play and was greatly anticipated. He absolutely didn’t disappoint and his brand of humour was greatly appreciated, as were his monster chops and bitching groove.

We were also very lucky to have the wonderful Emma King, from STOMP, display he Cajon playing skills. Emma is a De Gregorio artist and gave a great interactive session for a very receptive audience. Our main exhibitor area was populated by all the top brands, including Tama Yamaha, Sabian, Zildjian, DW, PDP, Dream Cymbals and many more and people were treated to great bargains on the day, making the event a massive success. Here’s to more in the future.

Scott Pellegrom also taught some lessons the following day and I was lucky enough to get a spot. We talked about a whole bunch of things but the main aspect was technique. Scott is a big proponent of the Open/Close technique which he picked up from the wonderful drummer and teacher Gordy Knutson. He took me through the mechanics of the technique and it’s application which was a real eye opener. A truly great teacher.

July saw me playing the inaugural Bute fest, on, you guessed it ,the island of Bute. It was with Driven By Harness and it proved to be a great weekend. The band’s reception was great – we had an awesome crowd and a great spot, 10pm on the Saturday night. We hung out a bit with guys from Stanley Odd, a great east coast based Hip Hop band which was a real pleasure. Burton then did a solo spot at midday on the main stage to open it up, which was a perfect antidote for people’s heady weekend. He held the stage really well and was received warmly by the audience. We’re heading back to Germany this October for another show which is pretty exciting and the e.p. is nearing conclusion which I can’t wait for either. We’re all looking forward to people hearing the music.


August saw me playing the Edinburgh fringe yet again with Baby Wants Candy, the Improvised musical. I’m now in my 5th year of Fringe runs with them and this year was no less amazing. It’s always a real treat to play with them as the cast are incredible and the band are great friends and we’ve developed a great relationship over the years. Dan Wessels who is our M.D. did an awesome job, and the songs really developed into great musical statement for the cast to really go to town on. Always a pleasure. Following the success of their 50 Shades! The Musical show, they brought over Thrones! The Musical which is a musical parody of Game of Thrones. An incredible seek out run was great news and worthy of all the hard work put in by everybody concerned.



In other news, I’ve started dealing with the social media aspect of Drummers Only, which is great. I have been writing blog articles for them which can be read here. It’s a rewarding job as I can find a way to impart knowledge about some great subjects that I maybe couldn’t in a drum lesson air that are maybe overlooked in a drum lesson.