Hello drum world.

March has been a fun month in drum land. The biggest news is that my Connected Band’s debut album arrived. It’s called ‘Grounded’ and we had the fortune of playing some of the music in The Caves in Edinburgh. The gig was in support of the wonderful Edinburgh based band Slow Gear and their EP launch. The gig was a resounding success and the band played the music superbly, really coming in to their own. See the photos of the band here. The sound of the band is starting to harness itself and I look forward to hopefully bringing the music to Glasgow and other audiences. The next step is to bring some video promo out and letting people see and hear the band before gigging it.

I hope to have that with you in the very near future. Meanwhile, ‘Grounded’ is available here¬†in both CD and Download formats. Feel free to have a listen to the sampler and pick one up if it takes you.

Another great gig was in Henry’s Cellar bar, again in Edinburgh, with Driven By Harness. We we sharing the stage with the Immeke All Stars. The band have been a mainstay at the Immeke music festival in Germany, which DBH frontman Burton has been attending/playing for the last 16 or so years, so there was a wonderful camaraderie between both bands. We hd the fortune, as a band, to play in Immeke in August ’14 so it was nice to see friends again. Both bands played great sets, with the Allstars turning the rock up to 11 for well over an hour with wonderful musicianship on display – especially from the guitarists. Fingers crossed we get to reunite soon.

Wedding season began with DMS at the beginning of March, and we had a blast in Fife keeping the dance floor full all night, We even had a guest come and sing some Neil Diamond with us, which was a hoot.

The Invitations continue to grow with some gigs in The Corinthian and the Crafty Pig on Glasgow’s Great Western Road. Crafty Pig is turning into a nice regular slot for the band and helps us get into shape and get tighter with each gig. We are rocking up Wild Cabaret this weekend in Glasgow which should be fun indeed.

Drummers Only¬†continues to grow which is great. Some new students are joining my roster and the teaching side of life is getting more and more rewarding each week. I’m really enjoying imparting knowledge and talking all things drums both new and old students.

All in all a very positive month – making me very grateful to be making a living playing drums.


See you next time.